Critical Acclaims

“Instead of a nostalgic tribute, this documentary offers a fresco picture of contemporary tango, and follows the quest of two musicians who strive to digitalize the 487 arrangements left by the bandoneon player for posterity.” – Gabriel Plaza – LA NACION
“The film manages to demonstrate a new and innovative structure over the conventional ‘for export’ tango documentary.” – Emiliano Basile – Escribiendocine
“A film made with feeling and intelligence, and one that also offers some unforgettable musical moments” – Roger Koza – Otros Cines – Con los Ojos abiertos
“In a decision that may seem controversial at first sight, but that proves to be consistent, Martin Turnes’ documentary uses very little archive footage, so that it focuses on the analysis of the music and creative personality of Troilo, viewed from today. In this way it highlights with knowledge, depth and good rhythm, the musician’s enormous legacy” – Javier Porta Fouz – Programador BAFICI
“The best documentary I saw in all of the BAFICI. Its director builds an entertaining, fun and exciting story” – Frederick Vonchamb – Cinema Chambón
” Turnes’ film brings emotion without cheap thrills, and pinpoints with precision and with ample musical knowledge the contribution of an artist of extraordinary dimensions – and extraordinarily mysterious ones – whose unmeasurable legacy is not contained in his words.” – Marcelo Scotti – Otros círculos

“Turnes manages to capture an homage to Aníbal Troilo though a purely cinematographic experience which makes this film stand out within the documentary genre.” – Carlos Herrera – Nivelarte criticas